Adventure Maps for Minecraft

by Reverend8

Hi, here You'll find all my projects for the Java version of Minecraft.

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Allootria Remastered

(2013-2023) Harcore Survival / Adventure for Minecraft 1.19.4 for Single or Multiplayer 

Welcome Brave Warrior!
Welcome in Allootria, a rich land with lots of hidden treasures. 
But now it’s controlled by the Dark Wizard and his minions …for now. 
All the villagers fled and only a few hid in the Underground abandoned base.
Your quest is not easy, just Save this World.

Monument Island 2

(2020-2023) Survival / Adventure/ Monument for Minecraft 1.17.1 for Single or Multiplayer

"Is it Sky island? Is it CTM?
It's a bit of both and more."

Welcome to a cluttered island
with many hiding places, traps and a unique Dungeon.

Curse of Dragon Stone

(2019-2023) Hardcore Adventure/PvE Map for Minecraft version 1.19.4 for Single or Multiplayer

The aim of the game is to find a Portal to another world.
To activate the Portal, you need Twelve Dragon Stones, which are hidden across the map.
The game is divided into five parts: The Village, The Castle, Sewerage system, The Labyrinth and Flooded Caves.


(2015) Hardcore Survival / Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.7.10 for Single or Multiplayer

"This was my first project. I started building it in survival :)
It startet in 1.6.4 - now it's for 1.18.1"
Welcome to Allootria
A rich Country with plenty of loot to plunder.
Final goal is to eliminate the Bad guys and hit The End.
In this map are 100 Holy Diamonds hidden.

Midnight Floating Island with Monument

(2016) Survival / Adventure/ Monument for Minecraft 1.8 for Single or Multiplayer

This is block by block made Island with small Dungeon, Monument with rewards and a surprise in the Nether.