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by Reverend8

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Allootria Remastered

(2013-2023) Harcore Survival / Adventure for Minecraft 1.19.4 for Single or Multiplayer 

Welcome Brave Warrior!
Welcome in Allootria, a rich land with lots of hidden treasures. 
But now it’s controlled by the Dark Wizard and his minions …for now. 
All the villagers fled and only a few hid in the Underground abandoned base.
Your quest is not easy, just Save this World.
Over 100 Holy Diamonds are hidden in various places.
For those you can buy super strong Armor & Weapons that will help you survive on your journey. Just find "The Right Guy" with the right stuff. You'll also need bunch of emeralds and gold to trade. Once you are equipped, follow the trail to the Treacherous Forest.
It hides the Entrance to the Great Underground, where The Dark Wizard dwells.

Good Luck & Enjoy :)

More or less secret areas
Sorted by difficulty, more or less 

• Peaceful Parkour area
• Black market
• Abandoned underground base
• Beach house
• The Castle of Allootria
• Castle Mine
• Witch hut on a rock
• Gingerbread house with underground
• Pirate Ship
• Hot Air Balloon
• Water Shard
• Alchemist's Workshop
• Jailhouse
• Frozen Tower
• Undergound Pyramid
• Escher's Room
• Underground Emerald Lighthouse
• Treacherous Forest
• Hunting Lodge
• Great Underground
• Dark Wizard's Castle
• Fake Deep Dark Underground
• The End - Labyrinth
• The End - Main Island
• The End - Dark Wizard's Arena

One more thing…
Do not build a Nether Portal!

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