Adventure Maps for Minecraft

by Reverend8

Hi, here You'll find all my projects for the Java version of Minecraft.

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Monument Island 2

(2020-2023) Survival / Adventure/ Monument for Minecraft 1.17.1 for Single or Multiplayer

"Is it Sky island? Is it CTM?
It's a bit of both and more."

Welcome to a cluttered island
with many hiding places, traps and a unique Dungeon.

Main goal is to place nine blocks on a pedestal that is on another island. You will be rewarded for each block.

Everything can be found on the Island or obtained through combat (Island Dungeon) or in the Nether.
And the last bit in The End.

Show your skills and survive.

Enjoy :)

Extra Challenges
• Make a mob farm from Island Spawner
• Lead Piggy to his Princess
• Collect five hidden Dragon Heads