Adventure Maps for Minecraft

by Reverend8

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(2015) Hardcore Survival / Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.7.10 for Single or Multiplayer

"This was my first project. I started building it in survival :)
It startet in 1.6.4 - now it's for 1.18.1"
Welcome to Allootria
A rich Country with plenty of loot to plunder.
Final goal is to eliminate the Bad guys and hit The End.
In this map are 100 Holy Diamonds hidden.

You don't need to find them all. But you can trade them for a Powerful armor & weapons, that will keep you Alive in The Darkness. 
Just find the right guy with the right stuff.
And you'll need bunch of emeralds and gold for trading, too.
Once you are equipped, you are ready to go to the Woods to find entrance to the deep, which leads to The End.